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Shakespeare tragédiájának gyönyörű töredékeiből álomszerűen szővödik össze Júlia története. Júlia két hangon és nyelven (angol-magyar) szólal felidézve azt a sűrű, búja és végzetes hat napot, mely szenvedélyt és kétségbeesést, gyászt, nászt és halált hozott neki. A magyar nyelven játszó Ubrankovics Júlia, aki a 40. Magyar Filmszemlén elnyerte a legjobb színésznő díját és Sophie Thomson, aki Londonból érkezett Budapestre a nővévállás rítusaként, középkori dalokkal, hús-vér eleven erővel és bájjal idészik meg Shakespeare legszebb szellemét: Júliát. In this bilingual (English and Hungarian) performance beautiful fragments of Shakespeare's tragedy evoke Juliet as an eternal memory, as a waking dream. She re-lives those sweet, dense and dark six days that brought her passion and desperation, grief and joy and her untimely death. Ubrankovics Julia who plays in Hungarian has recently received the prize for best actress on the 40th Hungarian Filmweek. Together with Sophie Thompson from London they take you through this rite of passage into womanhood with rituals and medieval singing. This theatre-seance conjures up Shakespeare's most beautiful ghost: Juliet.

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  • Natália: wow superb. I am very excited. Will write again soon. (2008.12.26. 23:24) Dramaturgy
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Színházi Munkanapló / Performance Diary

2008.12.30. 00:47 Natália


In my dreams we have these really perfect posters - I already know who I would like to design them.

Our posters are visually stunning, cant-look-at-them-long-enough masterpieces of advertiment, that have people storming in the theatre again, like they did a hundred years ago. In my fantasies. But they will be beautiful. No dobt about that.

Anyway I thought I share a poster that is already on public display:

Shame on you Operett Szinhaz. Shame on you indeed. There is money where this is coming from, you know. They dont need to ask their aunty to photoshop a poster for them. They could actually pay the pros.

But why would visual culture and basic esthetics would be of any relevance...

I like these people on the picture,and I am not one of those snobs either who fakes projectile vomiting every time the word: 'musical' is uttered. (Am I?)

Sing and dance people, it is all good fun.

But I can not just pretend this poster didn't happen.

It is all wrong, all terribly wrong.

Is that bright light at the backround a sutble reference, to the afterlife, to that special tunnel and bright lights and little voices calling?

And we all know that we will not see either of Szinetar Doras' breasts, so why tease us with this pseudo-erotic marketing-disaster?

This one has an evil twin actually, Midsummer Nights' Dream I think, where they are all happy in their greek-style sheets and perfectly shaved everywhere. 

The Spirit of Shakespeare or how to have a Kodak-moment in styled up bedlinen.

No, no, no.

Our posters will be something else.

I would like to ask her to do them:

Ildiko Mezei is a very talented young artist, with a dark and distinctive feminim touch. And she is who we need, to absolutely avoide the above. We have 0 Ft buget, but for quality advertising we will pay. We bloody must.

This might work if we did Little Red Ridinghood.

Or a stage adaptation from Harry Potter.

The title is 'Sweetgarden'

or the 'Graden of Sweet'

Biblical, you read between the lines.

Anyway she will design something really special and custom made for us. In my fantasies.

It will be a diptychon or a tripych even. Just wait and see!

You wont be able to take your eyes of it.

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