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Shakespeare tragédiájának gyönyörű töredékeiből álomszerűen szővödik össze Júlia története. Júlia két hangon és nyelven (angol-magyar) szólal felidézve azt a sűrű, búja és végzetes hat napot, mely szenvedélyt és kétségbeesést, gyászt, nászt és halált hozott neki. A magyar nyelven játszó Ubrankovics Júlia, aki a 40. Magyar Filmszemlén elnyerte a legjobb színésznő díját és Sophie Thomson, aki Londonból érkezett Budapestre a nővévállás rítusaként, középkori dalokkal, hús-vér eleven erővel és bájjal idészik meg Shakespeare legszebb szellemét: Júliát. In this bilingual (English and Hungarian) performance beautiful fragments of Shakespeare's tragedy evoke Juliet as an eternal memory, as a waking dream. She re-lives those sweet, dense and dark six days that brought her passion and desperation, grief and joy and her untimely death. Ubrankovics Julia who plays in Hungarian has recently received the prize for best actress on the 40th Hungarian Filmweek. Together with Sophie Thompson from London they take you through this rite of passage into womanhood with rituals and medieval singing. This theatre-seance conjures up Shakespeare's most beautiful ghost: Juliet.

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  • Natália: wow superb. I am very excited. Will write again soon. (2008.12.26. 23:24) Dramaturgy
  • Natália: First of Miss T: what does she mean to you? What motivates you to play her? And what is her dilemm... (2008.12.22. 14:40) First Meeting - Sophie




Színházi Munkanapló / Performance Diary

2008.12.30. 22:04 Natália


I missed the performance in Instant again. From January I will keep a strickt diary, and I wont forget a thing. I will be very effective. No progress in the text in tha past 3 days.

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2008.12.30. 20:55 Natália


I was just wondering if our performance is post-dramatic or not. I guess it will depend on staging as well. How abstract or symbolic I will direct it.I was reading some Lehman today about postdramatc theatre and performance. He disagrees with streching the definition of drama, and advises to regard…

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2008.12.30. 00:47 Natália


In my dreams we have these really perfect posters - I already know who I would like to design them.Our posters are visually stunning, cant-look-at-them-long-enough masterpieces of advertiment, that have people storming in the theatre again, like they did a hundred years ago. In my fantasies. But…

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2008.12.29. 20:06 Natália

Our History

Actually this is not the first time Sophie and I work together.We did a short piece in 2003 based on Stindbergs' Ghost Sonata.Than she was one of my leads in the 2006 production of Sarah Kanes' Psychosis 4.48And in 2007 she was the angel in a music video (Fly Away) I directed for Jason Walker.Here…

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2008.12.29. 18:45 Natália


Oh, I just realised that it is quter to 7. I was going to go to theatre today. A member of Kretakor, Lang Annamaria is performing there today, and I have a friend there.I wanted to see where the performance takes place, how many people fit in, how many people go, how good is the techikal equippment…

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2008.12.29. 18:45 Natália

Other Julias and Romeos

One should do some research before puting a new product on the market they say.Well, I have to admit I was very ignorant when deciding to work with Juliet. I should have looked into how often and where it was played localy.I did not.So when I read that there is a show by deaf people, in Uj Szinhaz I…

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2008.12.29. 18:11 Natália

More and more dareing

So as time moves on I am becoming more and more dareing to touch the cannonised text of Mr William. Anyway whatever we cannonise might not be the original one anyway, because these plays were never published in their time. Whats more, to prevent theft of the text playwrites never gave out the full…

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2008.12.29. 18:01 Natália

The End and the Beginning

First impressions and last impressions count a lot. I think I have come up with an ending that was absolutely unique and fabulous. Will not tell. Just yet. Really bad at keeping secrets. But I will share some of the dramaturgical perls I have been coming up lately. In Act III - Scene 2. Juliet has a…

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2008.12.26. 17:34 Natália


An other milestone:I created 17 scenes, and will enter the new version soon. I think that this piece could be ready for February. I cant wait to hear it read out loud, naturally than I will have to start all over again, a long way it is from page to stage, but I am confident that some scenes might…

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2008.12.25. 11:34 Natália

Beauty on stage

The more I think about the piece the more certain I am that I want this to be stunning. I do not want this performance to be the bare foot, back clothes - defo no trousers allowed. I dont want any pseudo-historical outfit either. Julia is young, beautiful and rich. She would dress well. Her costume…

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2008.12.25. 11:17 Natália

Christmas Post

I have promised to have a directorial concept ready by the time you return knowing all your lines.Passive agressive. I know. Pray forgive. Before I forget If you have a dvd about In Manus Tuas pleae bring it back with you also, so we have some visual reference also. Anyhow, I am more than please to…

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2008.12.23. 11:47 Natália


Julia is said to be psychologicly undeveloped.I dont think she is. Ohpelia is. And Gertrude is. There is more to Julia than just being the sidekick of Romeo. Otherwise we could not do this piece. And you are quite right Sophie, she does have these scenes where she thinks and feels and decides and…

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2008.12.23. 11:25 Natália


Wow, how much better is this, that now it is the two of us writing it... There is so much that came to mind actually: Juliet is very active, but her relationship to her death and death in general is a central point to the dramaturgy.- The critics and playwrights of the time argued that the play is…

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2008.12.23. 00:01 Natália

(How) Is Juliette Relevant?

Sophie again. I won't attempt to answer this for anyone except myself. Miss Nagy is right, there are various dilemmas facing Juliette... I was thinking about it in a very general sense, that most (not all) of the dilemmas are caused by restraint and duty towards her family (Tybalt doesn't count…

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2008.12.22. 14:51 Natália

Juliets' Dilemmas

I think she has several, abut she doesnt spend much time on them, so really does she have one? First: Am I a Capulet who hates hell all Montagues or am I a woman in love defined by passion for Romeo whoever he may be?Second:Do I tell my parentes about my wedding plans or shall I just impulse enter…

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